Version 3.3.3 crashing on Windows 11

I am having significant issues even with reloading the current version and staring from scratch with a fresh install of ths version.
Saving projects causes crashes. Lock up on exiting requires task master (Ctrl Alt Del) to close the cross platform editor . BTW that appears everytime this happens.
I forwarded the data file 2 days ago via Audacity which should have logged all the issues.
I have lost stereo recording via Microphone. Reset did noting. Soooo I have faced alot of issues.
Anyone else? Resolved or know what’s going on?

Best to divide the problems and conquer individually

Does this happen only on existing projects ? If so, I am thinking it might be damaged. if you wish to send one of those projects to me (upload, then send me a link), I’ll take a look at it

Just back from the hospital. I believe there is an issue with the following exe from Audacity
Audacity® Cross-Platform Sound Editor
Everytime I crash whether it be trying to save a file or export into mp3 there is some sort of failure.
Task manager iD’s it as the above file crashing and locking up the Audacity software.
I have also lost a ton of audio due to the recovery failing to retrieve as there are no extention files to save.
I am hoping this is a clue.
Statistically after several uninstalls and reinstalls of Audacity 3.3.3, out of 10 file saves there are at least 7-8 file failures. I noted today some of my expensive Plugins are now failing to work correctly also. eg. Autotune, Wave Harmony etc.
I am hoping this may lend a clue as the issue I am far from a programmer in any shape or form.

So if someone else was having these issues, I am sure they would add to this post.

Make sure you download from here: Download | Audacity ®

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