Version 3.1.2 cutting of last bit of recording?

I’ve searched for this and found other users have reported the same issue with various versions of Audacity. However, I’ve yet to see a solution? I’ve been using the program for some time now and foolishly (when will I learn!) upgraded today.
The program worked fine for my first few recordings, but now when I export as a .wav, the program cuts off the last second or so of the recording. You can see it clearly in the Audacity timeline before exporting.
What is the deal here?

I can’t reproduce this with 3.1.2 on W10

  1. Generate 30 second chirp
  2. Export as WAV
  3. Close Audacity
  4. relaunch
  5. Import the WAV file from step 2
  6. Observe imported audio is full 30 seconds long


Here is a link to a video that demonstrates the problem I’m experiencing. Again, this did work properly for a few recordings, then started cutting off the end. I’ve tried switching from MME to the other Windows formats with no luck. If I apply my macro and then trim my recording it’s fine. However, the video demonstrates the workflow I’d been using up to today which also worked fine.

The first thing you should fix is the recording level. Your recording level is far too quiet - it should look more like this when you record:

First Track000.png