Version 3.1.2 crash

On using this version and performing a macro (normalizing + convert 192 to 128) thsi latest version chrashes every 100 seconds or so. I downgraded to version 3.1.1 and no more crashed occurred on the same files! FYI!

Google is your friend!
After reading A LOT:

  • simply install the ffmpeg-4-audacity plugin,
  • restart the computer,
  • restart Audacity
  • open Audacity "Preferences (CTRL-P)
  • Select: “Extended Import”.
  • Click [Add new rule]
  • Write *.mp3 in the left window.
  • Select “FFMPEG-compatible files” in the right window and move it up to the first position.
  • Click [OK]

Now it won’t crash anymore. :smiley: :slight_smile:
Another problem solved.