version 2.3

Open letter for those who wish to DELETE RECENT FILES in the app. It is a 2 step process. First open WINDOWS EXPLORER and look for the list of AUDACITY projects. It could be in libraries, music, documents or elsewhere. Once the list appears simply right click, then select DELETE then left click OK. then the next entry one at a time. Close EXPLORER and open AUDACITY. Under FILE select recent files. The list appears. Simply CLEAR list at bottom. If you try to open a file after deleting it, the file will not open. DONE!

Did I miss a step? The current issue of Audacity is 2.2.1.

Where did you get 2.3 from? If you didn’t get it from an official source, you may have an odd Audacity offshoot that others may not have.

Also, the current supported Windows is 10, not 7, further reducing the number and variety of users.

Welcome to the reason Audacity doesn’t have official videos.


Not to mention… Audacity Projects are composed of an AUP file and a _data folder - you must delete both the file and the folder in Windows Explorer.

Probably the easiest way to figure out where Audacity has recently been storing projects is to choose the menu item File>Save As and when the Audacity Save Dialog opens the most recent folder destination should (but not always) be the default. You can click in that Address Bar (text field), select it all, copy it, then paste that into a Windows Explorer’s Address Bar.