version 2.3.3 mouse clicks suddenly changed

For some unknown reason my Audacity version suddenly went from requiring only 1 mouse click to open anything to 2 clicks. I’ve checked my Windows settings and it doesn’t appear to be a Windows issue and doesn’t occur in my other applications. Any ideas would be helpful.
Thank you

What is the “anything” that you are referring to? Menu items? Audio files? Menus?

W 10. Aud version is what app shows.
I have been UNABLE to successfully USE this app since I have landed myself a new client case for my paranormal investigation team (licensed nonprofit) within the past week and couple days. I have been converting over from original EVP recording to Audacity. Some files are no bother. Some, Audacity “isn’t responding” and at times doesn’t allow conversion. Gets laptop STUCK. Rebooting repeatedly. NO issues since purchase til now and it does this even after or while I am “compressing”, “normalizing”, and “getting profile to add noise reduction process” or even when trying to just save the project. I have double checked ALL updates for software, apps, etc and CANNOT successfully review my EVPs/Audio (wav format conversion into audacity) even times. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?!!??!

but this topic is about Audacity 2.3.3 :confused: