Version 2.1.2 Frozen after launch- fix didn't help


Audacity froze and I had to ‘force quit’ it after trying what I thought was trying everything else. Now, I’m trying to reopen the program and it launches, but it’s stuck where it froze before with “Click to start monitoring” bubble still hovering and an ‘automatic crash recovery’ notice on the screen. The strange thing is that I can select the recoverable project, but I can’t select ANYTHING else. When it does decide to load the recovered project, I can’t make any selections on the toolbar or on the project. Any advice…I’m completely lost?

I saw the post: “Fix for Audacity 2.1.1 not launching” and I tried that, but it didn’t change anything for me.

OS-X 10.6.8. Snow Leopard.

How full is your hard drive?
Go > Computer.
Control-Click: Macintosh HD (or whatever you called it) > Get INFO.

Do you like to leave things running in the background instead of closing them? Do you have a live Skype session active or running in the background? Chat?


Did you quit or force quit Audacity before deleting the audacity.cfg settings file?

If that does not help, does Audacity launch properly if you temporarily stop it trying to recover the project? To try that, open Finder, Go > Go to Folder and type:

~/Library/Application Support/audacity/AutoSave

In the AutoSave folder that appears, rename the AUTOSAVE file you see to some other extension, like “.auto”.

Rename the extension back to .autosave when you want to recover the project.