Version 2.1.2 Equalizer Problems

The new 2.12 version of the equalizer effect appears to have some strange quirks. By the way, let me thank you for fixing the ability to retain a previous setting in the equalizer that was lost in version 2.11. However, now, in the graphic equalizer mode, once you hit “ok”, and then go back into the equalizer effect, all of the graphic eq frequency controls are gone! You can get them back by clicking on “draw” and then re-clicking on “graphic”. This happens on two different computers, running windows 10 64bit on one and Windows 10 Pro 32bit on the other.

Another weird thing in the graphic equalizer, sometimes the frequency range shown goes up to 20kHz, and other times, it only goes up to 5 kHz!

It would be great if there was a way to resolve these issues…

This is part feature and part bug.

Background information:
The highest frequency that can represented by digital audio is half the sample rate. Thus for a track with a sample rate of 44100 Hz the frequency limit is 22050 Hz.

if you have a single track in a project and it has a sample rate of 11025 Hz, then the maximum valid frequency for that track is just over 5 kHz (55012.5 Hz).
Unfortunately there is a bug in the Equalization effect. If there is more than one track in the project, the Equalization effect uses the sample rate of the first track as the basis for its calculations. This causes the effect to do the wrong thing if the selected track is not the first track in the project and has a different sample rate to the first track in the project.

If necessary, use the “Tracks > Resample” command to convert all tracks to the same sample rate.

As you have indicated, there are other open bugs regarding the Equalization effect. The effect is known to need an overhaul, which will hopefully happen before the next Audacity release.

I added this to our bug tracker as it was not there.


Any news on fixing this bug (Losing graphic controls)? The last alpha I tried still had the same bug. Perhaps you should emphasize in the bug report that it only happens after you go back into the equalizer again after you’ve used it once. Thanks!

The steps to reproduce were already clear. I changed the release note to say “when reopening the effect in graphic mode” and clarified the bug title. Thanks.

Any progress in fixing the bug will be noted in the bug report. :wink: