Version 2.0.2 vs Version 1.2.6

I recently bought a cassette player that will transfer the audio cassette contents to my computer. The instructions say to set the Recording Device to “USB Audio Device” but in my new Version 2.0.2 the available device is "Microphone Array (USB Adio Dev)…can I safely assume this is the same class of device in both verisons?

Also, the recorder/player instructions say to select “Export as mp3” but when I look in the menu items, all the export options are grayed out. Am I missing something?

Taking it backwards.

Export will be gray if you have nothing o export. You need to have something on the timeline. There is an additional problem that MP3 is not included in Audacity, you have to install it as a separate software package. MP3 creation is normally paid, licensed software.

The USB Device may announce itself as different devices. I have an amplifier that says the name of the company. Most manufacturers don’t go to the trouble and the default announcement is USB Audio Device. Try it. If it works and it’s in stereo, you win.


Do you specifically want MP3?
If you intend putting the recordings onto CD you will get better quality if you export as WAV.

Now I see…it worked fine, thanks!