Version 1.4

I have an old Numark USB turntable with version 1.4 software disk. Never been used. What version software do I need to download for my OS 10.11.5 Mac?

The current release is 2.1.2

That’s also the page to download and install Lame and FFMpeg.

You need FFMpeg if you want to manage a large variety of different sound and video files. Audacity won’t do that by itself.

You need Lame to make an MP3 file. Audacity won’t do that by itself, either.

We published a number of different documents on transferring your vinyl to Something Else.

Transferring vinyl is not for the easily frightened. If you have a lot of disks and no time, purchasing those Audio CDs can look pretty good. Slightly less good is the iTunes (or equivalent) new, higher quality downloads which iTunes will allow you to burn to your own CDs.

That will not give you a glass master, etc, but it doesn’t take up months of time, either.

I would carefully follow one vinyl disk beginning to end and keep track of all the steps and hitches you encounter along the way.


What do you mean Audacity won’t burn a CD?
What do you mean Audio CDs don’t carry song titles?


I will give you one hint to avoid a common trap. Do Not make MP3 files for transfer to a CD. Audacity internal sound and Audio CD sound are top quality and match each other. MP3 is a lower quality and makes sound distortion. Export as WAV (Microsoft) for any production work. Export MP3 only for use in your Personal Music Player after you finish everything else.