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How do you turn on the internal microphone for recording?

We can start with you telling us what kind of computer you have and which operating system.


For Microsoft Windows XP OS

Right Click> Volume icon on system tray>Open Volume Control>
IF there is no Microphone available at this point continue>
click Options> Properties>scroll up/down until you find Microphone and check the box and click OK to complete.
IMPORTANT sometimes XP defaults to Microphone at Mute so lower the gain and uncheck the Mute box

Good Luck

You can also go down the route of Start>Control Panel>Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices click on Sounds and Audio Devices and browse

Unless you’re on a Mac, in which case it’s…

Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input

Make sure the internal microphone is selected and the sound meter jumps when you speak. Adjust the level to make your voice jump in the upper third.

Then go into Audacity Preferences > Audio I/O and make sure the same thing is selected. You may only get to select “Default Input” here. That’s OK.