Vers 2.12 frozen


I have had the Audacity software for Mac for a while now. Last night I got an error screen with the name of the last project worked on with three options (buttons) 1disgard all projects, 2 recover project (which I’ve tried several times) and 3 Quit Audacity. I think I may have clicked on the button to discard projects. Now I cannot get beyond this point and all recent projects and menu items are greyed out. I deleted the old software and re-downloaded the 2.12 version but still have the same problem. The only way to quit the program is to force quit Can you help me? I am on a Mac pro desktop using OS10.6

Thank you

Jeff Berman

Let’s get the version number correct. It is 2.1.2.

I sent you a detailed reply when you wrote to feedback@. In case you did not see it, here is that reply again.

If you discarded the project and accepted the prompt to do that, at that point the AUTOSAVE file that Audacity is recovering from is deleted but not the folder containing the audio data. If you then quit Audacity normally, the audio data is deleted. If you force quit Audacity after discarding the project, the data still exists.

If you don’t see the Automatic Crash Recovery dialogue when Audacity starts, or you see it but there is no listing for the recovered project, then it means there is no AUTOSAVE file. Depending what you did as above, the data may still exist.

If that discarded project was an unedited recording, you can recover it manually without the AUTOSAVE file if you still have the data by following >> .

If you saved a project before the crash or power loss, that project may or may not be listed in File > Open Recent, but opening any already saved AUP project file is something you should try.[…]

if Audacity crashed through other than power loss, please do send us the crash report from the and let us know what you were doing in Audacity prior to the crash.

If the problem now is that you see the Automatic Crash Recovery dialogue, you choose to recover projects but Audacity freezes, use Go > Go to Folder… in Finder to open ~/Library/Application Support/audacity/AutoSave. In that AutoSave folder, rename the AUTOSAVE files you see to some other extension such as AUTO. Then Audacity will open unfrozen and not show you the Automatic Crash Recovery Dialogue.

If you do want to recover any of these projects then please attach the renamed AUTOSAVF files for those projects. Please see here for how to attach files:

Bear in mind what I said above that if you discarded projects in the Automatic Crash Recovery dialogue then quit Audacity normally, the data no longer exists and there is nothing to recover.


Thank you Gale,

I re-downloaded Vers. 2.11 and was fine then downloaded 2.1.2 Seems okay now.