Verbatim 52X CD-R not Error Msg

Created an audio file on Macbook Pro with Audacity 3.3.3 (first time user) and exported to Verbatim 52X CD-R, but see error message on two different CD players.
Can I slow down the speed? How do I do that? I exported the file as WAV format, Signed 16 bit PCM per Audacity recommendation.
Any thoughts?

I’m a Windows guy but if you want an audio CD you have to configure your CD burning software to make an “audio CD”.

Audio CDs don’t have actual computer files so if you have actual WAV files on the CD they will play on your computer, but not in a standard CD player. (Most DVD/Blu-Ray players will probably play it.)

…Audio CDs are 16-bit/44.1kHz PCM which is the same underlying data format as a WAV file with the same resolution.

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