[VC9] Can't link Audacity last trunk & wxWingets 2.8.11

Hello. I’m trying to compile Audacity trunk.

Downloaded and builded wxWingets 2.8.11 vc++9 w/ no problems. I skipped patch w/ setup.h and hacked .cpp file mentioned in compile.txt. Builded w/o these changes and no addititional features.

Check-outed Audacity last trunk.

Builded w/ problems, fixed several (wrong include paths w/ setup.h).
No compiler errors but link errors:

cannot open ‘wxbase28d.lib’ and ‘wxmsw28d_core.lib’

I set wxwin env and also hardcoded include paths for libs in project prorepties.

I tried to build last Audacity trunk and last wxWingets 2.9.1 but had a lot of incorrect types errors.



My guess is that you did not get the setup.h step right; but in any case, like all things digital, compiling is a very tricky thing to get right the first time! First, read this thread:
ignore the ASIO stuff but go back and re-do the wxWidgets stuff following all directions very carefully. Compile and run some of the wxWidgets test apps–do they all run–if so go on and compile the Audacity SVN HEAD. If you get any errors something is wrong with your environment.

If you run into more questions just ask!

I’m doing this.

  1. Dowload wxWingets 2.8.11

  2. Open wx_dll.dsw and create solution

  3. Batch build all projects DLL Release and Debug.

  4. Get Audacity head trunk
    4.1 Set WXWIN env.

  5. Open audacity.sln

  6. Batch build all projects DLL Release. Here is an error w/ link can’t open file. (no suffix)

  7. Build audacity debug. Here is also an error w/ link can’t open file (d sufix)

I do nothing w/ setup.h. Should i? Just building releases configurations.

I have all .net frameworks up to 4 w/ VS 2008

May be i’m missing some small point.

You must move the proper wxWidgets setup.h into the correct location for your system. Since you have already compiled wxWidgets without doing this you must go back to step one. Completely delete all of wxWidgets and re-install it; before doing anything else figure out where the proper setup.h is on your system (without knowing a lot more details about your system I cannot help you with this part) and move it (you will also need to edit it a tiny bit–see the Audacity compilation (section 5) instructions in the SVN/README.txt file). Look at the forum thread mentioned in my previous post for a lot more detail.

Simply following your steps 2 & 3 may not always work (though in 2.8.11 it might) follow the steps I list as mentioned in the previously noted forum thread.

(An aside) Unless you are running Win98 or 2000 you will need to use the Unicode stuff as Audacity is soon dropping all support for non-Unicode builds; and if you are using Win98 or 2000 you might need to drop back to VC++2005 and its support libraries.

If you fail following the above I will need a lot more details–what OS & SPs, the exact path to wxWidgets, a screen shot of your Environmental Variables dialog; a directory listing of your wxWidgets dll folder and a copy ‘n’ paste of all the warnings & errors from the Audacity build.

I copied C:audacity-src_v6winwxWidgets_additionssetup.h and builed w/ it and it helped to solve cannot open errors

but now i get this error

Error 445 error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from “Compiling zh_TW locale” locale locale

Founded https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/got-error-when-compile-audacity-1-3-11/13567/1 but there is no reply yet.

Often, if you google all or part of your error string you find interesting material, I ended up with “error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from
“Compiling zh_TW locale” locale locale” and found one other is having the same problem but the references are not on this forum:
Back on 1 March 2011 see Stephane Poirier’s post here http://audacity.238276.n2.nabble.com/problem-linking-unicode-release-with-last-week-audacity-check-out-under-winxp-msvs-2008-td6075758.html but there is no help.

Since your current problem resides in a localization file and there have been lots of updated locale files in the last few weeks, I would strongly suggest grabbing a brand new SVN HEAD–make sure you do a complete new Checkout as Update does not always work (for some folks). Try to compile again, if you still have the same problem, build again (so the new build log only pertains to the error) then copy ‘n’ paste your build log (the text in your Output window) here (to keep it intact paste it between code

(the "Code" button between "Quote" and "List" above)


zh_TW.po is a Chinese language file translation–is there a chance you do not have the proper font installed? I still need a lot more info on your system to be of more help!