Varying volume among different songs

I am looking to Audacity 1.13 to help me control varying volume levels among different songs and assistance would be appreciated. When listening to music on my PC, iPod, Blackberry Playbook etc; I find myself having to adjust to the volume control on these devices to either:

  1. to increase the volume of a song to hear it better or;
  2. to decrease the volume of a song because it is too loud
    I decided I want to investigate and adjust the “volume” (would this be amplitude or gain??) of these songs so that playback volume is consistent so I do not have to keep playing around with the volume control on my portable devices. Is their a tool or set of tools within Audacity 1.13 that can help me process and make the appropriate adjustments? Is the solution importing the target song, experimenting with the gain control and exporting the song and hope that I got it right or is their a better structured approach to the problem?

For the iPod, the quickest and easiest method is to use “Sound Check” which is available in iTunes.

This is similar in effect to ReplayGain which may work on devices that do not support Apples Sound Check.

Thanks Steve. I’m going to try out foobar2000 v1.1.7