Varying audio levels...

I have a number of audio files sent to me for my BTR show - the problem being is that they are all recorded at varying levels. Is there anyway i can redo them in Audacity at the same volume level?


Use the “Normalize” effect?


Normalise will amplify a waveform so that the highest peak will reach the specified level (by default this is 0dB and is as high as it can go without distortion).

Normalising multiple files to the same amount will not necessarily mean that they all sound the same “loudness”. If one file has an odd peak that is much higher than the rest of the recording, then normalising will only amplify until that peak reaches the set level. To get all the files to sound the same loudness it may be necessary to either, amplify them by different amounts, or use compression / limiting to reduce spurious peaks before normalising.