Various Metallic Tinning or Mic Pings

So everything sounds great, but after I have exported and listen on my phone with EAR BUDS-ONLY I hear a variable tinning/metallic sound. Send to cone from just the mic when I say various words (it’s not consistent). I have an AKG P220 mic, shock absorber, expensive pop filter, interface, etc. What’s odd is that even if I wanted to see what is going on I don’t…the waveform db setting doesn’t show the sound as peak and I don’t even hear it in my recording head phones. Only after exported and played on my phone using ear phones does it become apparent; my car speakers (Harman Kardon) don’t reveal it. I listened to many audio book samples with my ear phones (on my phone) and they sound clean.
I can’t find anything taking about this…

Thank you to anyone who can help.

Remember, it’s not consistent, but does seem to only subtly cone up when I talk.

You don’t say what format you’ve exported to,
If you’ve used MP3 format it can add compression-artifacts, those can be metallic-sounding.
MP3 has a quality-setting, see … https ://

I can’t find anything taking about this…

Because I think you have a celebrity unicorn. Either Trebor or I can come up with lists of ways you can get damage like this on recording. But not on playback and not only some conditions.

Odd, tinny, mechanical sounds can happen when you’re recording on a system with auto echo cancellation and auto noise reduction. The show seems to work OK, but every so often the background noise increases a little too much or the performer moves a little and the microphone system loses it for a word or two. But that produces a permanently damaged sound file, not one where the damage comes and goes.

I’m out.

I think you may need somebody good to look at what you’re doing as you do it and think of common conditions.

Reading that four times.

So this effect only happens on your phone?