Vamp Plugins

Hello. I would love to install the Queen Mary Vamp Plugin but it seems I cannot get it to work. I reinstalled Audacity, deleted EVERYTHING related to the plug and Audacity but still. No good results. I have 64bit so I put the Vamp Plugins folder into Program Files(x86) with the .dll I still cannot see why it does not show up in my Audacity plugin list. I enabled every plugin. QM Plugin is not even on the list… Send Help! :frowning:

If I recall correctly, there is a bug in the most recent version of the Queen Mary Vamp Plugin that prevents it from working.
I’ll check…

Found it - You need the “” from here:

Installation instructions:

Thank you so much!!! I can’t believe I just used the wrong version. lol. Thank you! :smiley: