Vamp plugins not found

I’m running Audacity 2.0.6 on Fedora 20 3.17.8-200.fc20.x86_64.
About Audacity shows vamp plugins enabled. I have installed plugins in $HOME/vamp.
These plugins are found and tested correctly with the vamp-plugin-tester. The plugins do not show up in either the Analyze or Effects menus.
There are entries in the Analyze menu, e.g. Beat Finder and Sound Finder, which may be Vamp plugins shipped with Audacity. How would I
determine if these are Vamp plugins, and where they are located?

Beat Finder and Sound Finder are Nyquist plugins.

Which Vamp plugins are you trying to use and where can I download them to test?


To ask the obvious, did you restart Audacity after installing the plugins?


Yes, I restarted Audacity
I’m working with vamp-sdk and have tried example plugins among others. I compiled these

For me, on 32-bit Linux, downloading the 32-bit versions:

  1. Simple Fixed Tempo Estimator
  2. Simple Percussion Onset Detector
  3. Zero Crossings

appear in Audacity but

  1. Amplitude Follower
  2. Simple Power Spectrum
  3. Spectral Centroid

do not.

My understanding is that Audacity only shows plugins that have outputs that can be displayed in a label track. For example, beats or key changes. Many VAMP plugin outputs have a different structure, for example they expect to be displayed as curves with x and y axes, or as grids like a spectrogram. The Audacity implementation of VAMP doesn’t support graphics.


As a test you could try these Vamp plugins from the BBC (they work here):

I see now
Thanks, you folks are fantastic!