Vamp Aubio Onset Detector not working right Audacity 2.2.2


Audacity 2.2.2
Windows 10, 64bit

Prior to Audacity 2.2.2 I had been using the Aubio Onset Detector with no problems.
(Vamp Analysis Plug-ins,

Now here’s what happens.
I select a section of audio in a track.
Analyze> Aubio Onset Detector
puts all the detections _in the very beginning of the label trac_k that it creates
rather than at the label track area corresponding to the audio I have selected.

Thanks for any ideas.


Which download exactly are you using? Is it:

And I have the .dll here:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Vamp Plugins\vamp-aubio.dll”

Still wondering how to get this working in latest Audacity.
Such a great tool, but now it puts all the labels not at selection but at beginning of track.
In previous Audacity it worked fine.
Thanks for any other ideas.

Did you unzip the package and copy the three files:
to that location?

I’ve just successfully tested this on Windows 10, by generating 30 seconds DTMF Tones with the default settings, and then applying Aubio Onset Detection with these settings:

Yes, I had all three there.

Okay, the problem is that yes it appears to work fine if there’s
-no selection in the audio track
-the track is selected as a whole

But it does not work here in your example if only a part of the track is selected.
That’s where the problem occurs.
If just say from the one second to the two second mark is selected in your example test,
the Aubio Onset Detector places labels at the beginning of the track,
rather than in alignment with the portion of the track I have selected.

Thanks for any other ideas.

What happens if you select from 1 second to 7 seconds?

Audacity_2.2.2_Aubio Onset Detector_test_selection_1_to_7_seconds_5-15-18_1_1.png
And here selection is at 3 to 7 seconds:
Audacity_2.2.2_Aubio Onset Detector_test_selection_3_to_7_seconds_5-15-18_1_1.png
Thanks for any other ideas.

The “problem” is that the plug-in is returning the labels relative to the start of the selection, so to get the labels to line up with the detected beats, you need to ensure that the selection starts at time=0.0

So I guess I was wrong that the Aubio Onset Detector placed labels
-only on the selection in previous versions of Audacity, and
-regardless of where the selection was made on the audio track.
(I just don’t recall having to make a selection from time=0.0)

Well that’s good to know. Now I know it’s not like a bug or something.

So no way to get the Aubio Onset Detector to place labels aligned
with audio track selection accurately unless the beginning of selection is at time 0.0.

Okay, I’ll work with that.

Thanks for checking into this. Much appreciated.

Old versions of Audacity had quirk that if nothing is selected and you apply an operation that requires a selection, the entire project would be selected automatically.
In more recent versions of Audacity that “auto select all if nothing selected” does not happen by default (though it can be enabled in preferences).

I see, okay…thanks Steve for all your help and insights with this.