Validation error: not be able to change time or turn up or down volume of little piece of audio

Hi, I’m an Italian voice over and I’ve been using Audacity for about ten years, I’ve never had any problems. I’ve been using version 2.4.2 for a few years because it was perfect for working with voice only.
I changed tools, bought a new HP notebook with Windows 11 and I can’t use Audacity version 2.4.2 anymore, it seems to be no longer in use, so I downloaded the latest version 3.2.5.
Normally I need to work on the audio track by changing the tempo and sometimes the volume. I had no problems with the previous version. With the latest version it won’t let me make the changes. For example I want to lower 2 seconds of audio (which have a volume of 5.9) by 2 values, so I type (as I always did in the previous version) -2 but Audacity doesn’t confirm the operation because a pop up opens saying “error validation” “value not in range: -55.9016 to 44.0984”.
What has changed from the previous version to this one regarding the use of effects?

Many thanks in advance for your answer!

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