V3.4.2 lost ability to play through speakers

Twilight Zone experience…

installed it successfully in both my win10-(online) & my win7 (workstation).

The win10 system (low resources) is mostly used for web surfing.

Have been using v3.4.2 for 2 days successfully on win7 workstation. In the middle of an open session, Audacity stopped playing media through my speakers, other audio players/programs play as usual. I don’t remember making any changes in preferences but checked anyway. Came up with nothing even after rebooting.

I have ver2.05 also installed in separate internal HD, that still plays media as it always has.

Tested 3.4.2 on the win10 puter…everything OK.

Uninstalled v3.4.2 on the workstation & reinstalled…alas…still DOA ???

See several others have the same issue. Regarding DVDdoug’s advice to user tcs I don’t have a usb audio device on the workstation, but do on the win7 system (that doesn’t have this prob).

Appreciate any help.

In my un-docked vertical db scale toolbar, there’s a tiny icon that controls the playback level. It’s the identical color as the toolbar & in the middle of my slender vertical toolbar. It takes a bit of determination to see it.

I must have inadvertently pushed it to the left. Only a tiny movement was all that’s necessary to move it from 100 to 0.

If my observation is substantiated by others, perhaps this might be addressed by future versions ???

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