V2.1.2 exe Win7 - Splitting audio track - failing miserably

Hi all

Having searched the forum and watched a number of YouTube videos I cant find the information that I need to understand the process. I have just taken up the fiddle and I would like to split up single tunes into manageable chunks to help me practice. If I open one of my tunes as an audio file there is no identifying points where sections end and a new one starts. So I have to listen to the music and when I arrive at the point where I want to split it, I am hitting Ctrl B. After hitting Ctrl B a dozen times throughout the tune I have a dozen labels down the left hand side. Now when I Export Multiple, all except the last are empty. The last contains the full tune. I’m clearly going about it all wrong. Please point out my failings.

Thanks for reading

That will just add a label at the start of the track.
Try Ctrl+M

Thanks for replying. I’ll get on this when I get home tonight.