V2.0.0 is working fine, newer version don't find audio harware

Hi all,

My PC is under Win7x64.
Sound is working (Youtube, etc…)
Audacity v2.0.0 works perfectly.
If I upgrade to any newer version, even without updazting settings, I get error message “Pas de périphériques audio” (No audio hardware found).
What to do, please ?

If you revert back to 2.0.0, is Audacity able to play and record?

Hi Steve,
Thanks !

Yes absolutely if I uninstall Audacity and install V2.0.0 then I can open an MP3 and export it as Wav or MP3 after some modifications to be sure it’s working.

Audacity 2.0.0 was the last version of Audacity to support Windows 98 / Windows ME.
How old is your computer? Was it upgraded from an older version of Windows?
Does you computer have a make and model number?

Hi Steve,
My PC is not an old one and moreover powerful !
No brand.
Example of softwares working perfectly today :
CyberLink AudioDirector 7 (64-bit)
Zortam MP3 Media Studio
Neat MP3 Pro


Why are you using an obsolete operating system on modern hardware?

Hi Steve,
Roughly 200 million PCs worldwide still running Windows 7…
Not so obsolete !

In a software context, “obsolete” is usually defined as no longer supported and not receiving critical security updates. You can of course continue to run software even when no longer supported, though it is not generally recommended due to the lack of security updates. I still have a copy of Windows XP, but it has an “air gap firewall” and runs in a virtual environment so that it can be reset at the click of a button.

From your reply, I assume that the reason that you are still using Windows 7 is down to personal preference rather than any technical reason. Is that the case, or is there a technical reason (such as running some hardware that is not supported by Windows 10)?

Hi Steve,
Yes it is for software, development and other.
Win 8, 10 are more locked down by Microsoft …
Still I am puzzled that only 2.0.0 work (as Win7Prox64 was not obsolete a few month ago !)

Me too.
What sound card / audio device are you using? Does it have recent drivers?