Utterly confused about multi channel recordings

Hi everyone,

I run a five man podcast and I would like to start recording it at home. Unfortunately I cannot seem to figure out how to set up a multi-channel recording through audacity with the gear I have (or if it’s even possible). I am running a Windows 7 PC, With a Samson Mix Pad USB mixer. Right now I can get the Mixer to work with Audacity, but all of the channels are condensed down to one.

If anyone could shed some light on this I would be hugely grateful! Also if I can’t do Multi channel recording on audacity with the hardware I own, could you recommend a different program to use?


The Samson Mix Pad USB can record up to two separate channels simultaneously. The USB can be configured for recording either, the main mix, or “mix 2” (the headphone mix). Refer to the Samson manual for details,

So, with the equipment you have, you can either, mix up to 4 microphones and record them as a stereo (or mono) mix, or, if you want each voice separately, record one voice at a time with one microphone (overdubbing). I would guess that for a 5 man podcast with a “live feel”, your best bet would be to record with 4 mics and have 2 people sharing one of the mics. Train your collaborators to move away from their mic if they need to shout, and keep silent when they need to be not heard on the recording.

I would like to start recording it at home.

And stop recording it how?