Using Wrong File Format?

Hello and thank you in advance-

I have recorded, but don’t know how to make my audio files -on top- clear and visible like the music files- below-.

It doesn’t matter if I use the mic or drag and drop from my phone. The audio is always like this.

Yes! I have tried the zoom in feature.

Please see attached pic.

Any tips??

Thanks, again!

The stereo (two blue wave) sound file on the bottom is too loud. It’s highly processed for maximum loudness so that the blue wave peaks are just sightly quieter than the 100% marks. Matching that with a home recording is rough to do.

The top track is perfectly normal for a home recording. Home microphones and recording systems always record low volume, but there may be some tricks to help a little.

One easy way to bridge the difference is Select the low track (button on the left). Effect > Amplify > New Peak Amplitude: -1dB, Do Not Allow Clipping > OK.

Be careful with the speaker or headphone volume. The voice track is going to get much louder.

You may notice that the background noises behind your voice are also going to get louder. Depending on the room, you may have to change things around a little to help that. This is going to boost all the air conditioning, street, and computer fan noises.

That better? Post back with how it came out.