Using VSTs in Audacity

Hi Just downloaded last version of Audacity and under Effects a lot show up. I downloaded some VSTs (dll files) from the audicity web site and copied them into the plugin folder per instruction on Audacity site (drag the dll files into the plugin folder from my computer’s download folder), and set my Effects preference to allow rescanning of VST when restarting the program.

When I restart the program I see the new VSTs being scanned (plus some from my Cakewalk folder which I used years ago), but when I start the program I do not see any of the new VSTs that were scanned show up under effects. Am I missing something?

I am running Vista 64 bit and have had no problems with Audacity previously

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could be a problem specific to Windows 64 bit …

Hiding the cakewalk VSTs so Audacity does not attempt to load them may be worth a try …

Audacity choking on an incompatible VST from your cakewalk folder, preventing completion of the VST scanning process, may explain why there are no VST effects in your Audacity effect menu.