Using VST plugins

I’m trying to get Blue Cat FreqAnalyst Pro plugin to work with Audacity 1 on Windows 7. No luck. I’ve installed it in the X86 folder( Audacity/Plugins folder) where Audacity is installed and followed the instructions to re-scan VST effects, but no luck. I’ve installed the correct version of FreqAnalyst and think I’ve done eveyrthing correctly but it doesn’t appear and also doesn’t show under the EFFECTS menu, although it is in the correct folder.
Anybody had this problem before?

Audacity 1 was obsolete years ago.
The current version of Audacity is 2.0.2 which you can get here:

Blue Cat FreqAnalyst Pro is a “real time spectrum analyzer”.
Audacity does not support real-time effects, so even if you do get it to load, it won’t work.

Audacity 2.0.2 has a (non-real-time) Spectrum Analyzer in the Analyze menu (Plot Spectrum).

Thanks for that information. I do have the latest version of Audacity - 2.02 -, but its interesting that the folks at Red Cat audio told me that it works with Audacity.

Well it won’t do real time analysis (which looks to be the main purpose of the plug-in), because Audacity does not do real time processing.
I don’t want to try installing it myself as only a demo is available without cost and I don’t know how cleanly it will uninstall.
Have you tried the Audacity “Plot Spectrum”?