Using tracks when recording guitar and other instrument tracks

I’m recording an original song, using one track for guitar another bass guitar and yet another for harmonica before recording the vocals on another track.
My problem is, when recording the first guitar track and if I make a mistake and delete it. Why does track move down 2 or 3 track positions when I try recording it again, instead of staying on the same track position.
I need to keep each track in-line, one after the other so when I record the next instrument overlay it will be in sync.

Try Shift-R. There is an option for this: Edit > Preferences > Recording > Record on a new track.

Note that you can move tracks around by dragging from white space in the Track Control Panel.

Thank you. Maybe you can help me with another question. When I record a rhythm guitar track and then want to record a lead guitar part on another track. how do I get the system go to another track that permits me to play the lead over the previous rhythm track.

Out of the box, Transport > Transport Options > Overdub is already going to be set. So all you have to after setting your Recording and Playback device is Shift-R.

Of course, if you change the Recording Preferences Option mentioned above, it will be just “R”.

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