Using the Metadata Editor

I installed Audacity from the dmg and am using Mac OS X 10.6.8

I am using Audacity to copy a cassette tape from a cassette tape player to an .aup file on my computer.

That part works OK. My problem/question arises in trying to use the Metadata Editor in Audacity.

What I thought I could do is edit some metadata file which Audacity had, and which had information (such as what I typed into its “Comments”) - and when I saved the project (generating aup and data files) that metadata file would be saved also. In that case,upon reopening the saved project, and opening the metadata editor, I would see what had been previously typed into the metadata editor.

Well, that’s not right. I can edit using the metadata editor, save the project, reopen it and upon looking into metadata editor will see text different from what I had originally put in.

So what is it that the metadata editor does?

Metadata you enter yourself in Audacity should be saved in the project but some may be lost when exporting depending on the audio format. Some exported metadata may not be visible in all other applications.

See .

Please provide a specific example if possible of any problem. What tags and what values?