Using the FFMPEG export to change settings of a .WAV

Hi all

I have been asked to deliver some audio for a phone system in the following format:

Files must be .wav format please, as follows:
Bit rate: 64kbps
Audio sample size: 8-bit
Channels: 1 (Mono)
Audio sample rate: 8khz
Format: CCITT u-law

Can anyone help with the simplest way to achieve this??
I have installed ffmpeg and fail with all the settings.


Audacity can do this without FFmpeg. It is more complicated to use FFmpeg to write U-Law.

If the track is stereo, Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono.

Set Project Rate bottom left to 8000 Hz.

File > Export Audio… then choose “Other uncompressed files”.

Click Options… .

Header should be “WAV (Microsoft)”.

Encoding should be “U-Law”. U-Law sets the 8-bit depth. Together with specifying 8000 Hz as above, this now gives you 64 kbps (bit rate of uncompressed files is bit depth * number of channels * sample rate).