Using the envelope tool

Using the envelope tool: creating the first control point almost always causes the envelope to shift since it is very hard to click exactly at the current vertical position of the envelope. Is there a way to create control points without changing the envelope?

Can push envelope points against the +1.0 line …
push envelope points against +1.gif


This will work (I do this) for the “first” control point. But when the envelope is not at 1.0 and I want to add (another) control point, the problem remains.
Peek 2017-12-14 09-43.gif

If you Zoom in vertically on the blue “Envelope” line, that will allow your envelope to be more precise. There are very few cases where the envelope needs to be exact, so long as you can get it close enough that it sounds right.

You would probably find things easier if your waveform was not at such a low level.