using the amplifier

im not getting this amplifier thing.if i want to amplifly a song at say 0.5 then look at the slider i didnt see 0.5…i saw 0.4 but not 0.5…i did see 5.0 but not 0.5 what do i
do? thanks.


Effect > Amplify, right?

Stop using the sliders. Type .5 into the data entry box right from the keyboard.

I’m prompted to ask why you want to change a sound signal 1/2 dB. That’s not even penny change in the bottom of your jeans. That’s pocket lint.

To hear any volume change at all, you need to move the signal at least 3dB or 4dB. Some people can’t hear a 6dB change.

Normal humans hear approximately half and double loudness at 18dB. Your ears act really wacky and that’s why the bouncing light meters are in dB but the blue waves are in percent.

To give you an idea how weird this is, if you have a 30 watt amplifier in your sound system, you would have to pop for a 60 watt amplifier to hear any great change. Volume goes up and down by half and double.

Your ears work backwards going the other direction. If you take as an example the music you’re listening to on your iPod, you would have to make it a thousand times quieter for your ears to lose it completely. Your ears stretch on one end and compress on the other.

It makes sound systems serious witchcraft.


thanks koz