Using the "Alert" capability in iCal on Mac 10.7.5

Using the “Alert” capability in iCal on Mac 10.7.5, I am able to create about 10 seconds of audio just fine, it is in wav format and I have stored it to the desktop.
To check it, I simply opened the file from the desk top and it plays just fine in iTunes.
Now I want to recall this same audio file in iCal but it will not let me open it. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks Diggs

iCal is a scheduling program, not a music player. I can’t tell if I understood the problem or not. WAV files will open and play in both QuickTime Player and iTunes. iTunes tries to pull the music into itself and mount it in your library. QuickTime Player just plays it.

VLC player will play them, too. if you need that, and, of course, they open up in Audacity.