Using Steinberg MR816x 8 channels at once

Hey Guys,
I’m new to Audacity and for that matter I’m a novice in the DAW world. Anyway, I have a Steinberg MR816x and would like to record my drums using all 8 inputs at once. How do I do this using Audacity. I cannot find any way to select which one of my 8 channels to go to my tracks. Maybe my driver is not working right? Anyway, thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

Audacity will record multiple channels at once, but it’s a slave to whatever the computer is doing. If the computer can’t send eight channels to Audacity, then it’s game over. Many interface services split up multiple channels into numbered stereo pairs. So the maximum number of channels is still stereo, but you can pick which two. This is fairly common.

To get all eight, the software outside of Audacity has to work.

I think we wrote up something about this.

It’s going to take some looking.


OK. From what I gathered, Audacity doesn’t support ASIO because of licenses issues with Steinberg? Anyway, I need 8 channels at one time without latency to record my drums. I know I can do it with Reaper but I wanted to use something less complicated. I’ll keep an eye open here if you come up with anything. Thanks

You can build/compile Audacity with ASIO support for you, but then it’s full stop. You can’t make it available to anyone else.


I read that but it’s WAY over my head. I wouldn’t know how to begin :blush:

There’s people on the forum who know how to do that…