Using Scarlett 2i2

Windows 7. Audacity 2.1.2. My goal is deceptively simple. Perhaps I am too simple. I have a Scarlett 2i2 plugged in through USB port. I have a stereo mike plugged into stereo mike port on PC. I would like Audacity to input stereo tracks from both the Scarlett and the mike input; ideally as two separate stereo tracks. If I understand this correctly, on the microphone device list, the last input device allows input from all the previous input devices. Since the last device is Line In Scarlett 2i2 USB, previous input devices providing a signal, such as the Microphone Realtek High Definition should be providing data when I press record in Audacity. Nope! Only the selected input device records. Am I trying something that doesn’t work the way I think? Is there a way to do this: record two input stereo tracks?

Audacity can only recognize one device at a time.

It can do multi-channel. So if you have many different sources, you can use a multi-channel interface to record them in Audacity.

As of this version, Audacity can only play stereo.


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