Using nyquist plugins from appimage? [SOLVED]

So, I upgraded to audacity 3.1.3 using the appimage, only to find I can no longer use nyquist plugins like clip fix.
How am I supposed to get these back?

Put your Nyquist plug-ins into:
(where “~/” means your home directory)

When you restart Audacity you should see the new plug-ins available in the Plug-in Manager (

And where can I find ‘my Nyquist plug-ins’?

Which version of Audacity were you using before updating to Audacity 3.1.3?
How and where did you install your old version of Audacity?
Did you uninstall your old version of Audacity?
How did you install your Nyquist plug-ins?

The old version was 2.something, installed from an application repository, uninstalled when I installed the appimage. I have no idea where the Nyquist filters came from, I think these were installed with the old version.

The AppImage should include the standard set of Nyquist plug-ins (such as “Generate menu > Rhythm Track”).

If you want to install additional Nyquist plug-ins, place them in
Then restart Audacity, and enable them using the Pulg-in Manager (

Where can I find the Clip Fix filter? It is not installed with the appimage, so I cannot enable it.

Clip Fix should be enabled by default. Scroll down to the bottom of the Effect menu.

Now I see, it is under Effects 1-15.
Thanks for sorting me out!