Using music generated commercially

Hello, I am devolping a computer game that is not going to be free. I am going to sell it.

My specific question is, obviouly, being myself who composses the music of the game, is it legal to use the audio tracks that I export fom this software in the game for free and sell the game containing the tracks?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, the license allows Audacity to be used for producing non-free and commercial audio.
Full details regarding the license are available via the Audacity website:

If your composition contains audio-samples which you did not create that may be a problem if you want to use your music in a commercial project, e.g.some sound-generating apps explicitly-forbid commercial-use of the sounds they produce.

Being modified in Audacity will not strip any intellectual-property-rights from sound.

Thank you! I’ll take care to use a software that doesn’ t forbid commercial-use of the sounds they produce to generate and record the audios, and then mix them in Audacity.