Using more than one audio device on same PC

We’re starting podcasting at our hospital and want to conduct interviews about clinical stuff. We have been advised to use headsets for reasons I’m not going to go into now. Of course this would mean having two headsets at the very least. The headsets I have looked at from plantronics are USB devices.

I need to know whether Audacity will work when two USB audio devices are connected at the same time on the same PC


Not on a PC, no. On a Mac, you can create an Aggregate Device which gangs multiple USB devices together. I did it with microphones, but I don’t know if you can do it with full headsets.

Someone here on the forum designed a built a way to power his multiple headsets to plug into a mixer, but he was using analog headsets.

Find someone with a nice MacBook and experiment.

Tell us why someone insisted on headsets. Did they suggest a way to make it work?


Were they a gamer, by any chance? There are ways to get multiple conversations on different computers to record into a single show, but not on the same computer that I know of. Koz

Not on a “Windows” PC.
You can do it on a PC with a Linux operating system.