Using mixer with new laptop


we have just bought a new laptop which only has a dual use headphone/mic jack, on our last laptop we plugged the RCA cable straight into the mic jack and although the sound wasnt great a bit of post production work got rid of the noise etc. now with the new laptop we cant even get stereo sound never mind a decent recording. presuming we need a USB interface? we have a Citronics one but the light needs to be green and stays on red so not having much luck! its a home set up by the way


The bad news is the Citronics AC-1 unit should have worked. There’s a chance if you can’t get that to work, anything I recommend isn’t going to work either. What does the light say? I can’t read it from the web page.

The Red/Green lights may have to do with Windows recognizing the device. Windows can Reserve or Hide devices and services and USB audio services may simply be hidden. Go into Windows Audio Control Panels and enable all hidden devices.

I’m not a Windows elf, so some of that wording may be a little off.


There may be something in here:


According to the Instruction manual for AC-1

If the input signal level is too high the indicator LED will change from Green to Red, to set the correct level rotate the VR anticlockwise until the indicator LED reverts back to Green

Set the switch on the AC1 to line.

If the AC1 does actually work, you will have to set Windows to record in stereo.