Using MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave, can't get connection to analog device

Hello everybody. Im an older fellow trying to use Audacity V2.3.2 to record my old 1/4" reel to reels to CD.
I am trying to test the connection and use the Audio Grabber Connector…(RCA to USB) and when I hit record…nothing gets recorded. (that I know of)
I noticed that the source shows 'built in Microphone" and clearly know that is the start of my problem…so honestly not knowing where to even start…my current list of noob questions are:

  1. How do I change 'Build in Microphone" to USB port?
  2. Once I select USB port (I was able to find it once…ONCE, changed it…but it did not save too that choice…and It still did not record what was playing on my tape deck) to how can I save the USB setting? I don’t ever anticipate recording from Build In Microphone…
  3. Since I was able to find how to switch to USB once before, and when the device was playing…can you advise WHY did that not record?
  4. When I do successfully records, where to the recorded files go? Does it ask for a target directory when the recording is finished?
    This is just the start but very much hoping one of you subject matter experts can help me.
    Thank you in advance.

You need to ensure that the USB device is connected before you launch Audacity. Check in the system “Sound” settings to ensure that the device has been correctly loaded by the system.

Thank you so much. it worked :smiley: