Using keyboard shurtcuts when Audacity is in background

Hello all,

I’m a brand new Audacity user. I downloaded the 2.0.1 version using the .exe files and I’m running it on Windows XP

I was hoping to use the software for word transcription. So, during playback of a WAV file, Audacity would be in the background while Microsoft Word is in the foreground.

Is there a way to set up keyboard shortcuts for pause, stop, back to the beginning, etc… so you can use them when the Audacity program is running in background? Now, of course, if I’m using Audacity this way and I hit the “P” or the space bar, which would pause or restart playback of a file, it just types the letter P or adds a space in my Word document.

Thanks much,

No Audacity doesn’t support “global shortcuts” that operate in any program. I’ll add your vote. You may be able to use a program like AutoHotkey to do what you want.