Using ffmpeg in /usr/local/bin/


I probably know enough terminal / command line to be dangerous… I previously installed ffmpeg with Homebrew (I believe). It puts the executable in /usr/local/bin/

Audacity doesn’t see this location. When I use terminal to list files, I don’t see the file ‘ffmpeg.55.64bit.dylib’. If I try pointing Auduacity to paths like /usr/local/bin/ or /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg.55.64bit.dylib, that doesn’t work.

So my question is pretty simple. Is there a way to point Audacity to the copy of ffmpeg that I already have installed?

Or is standard/best practice to just download ffmpeg again to give Audacity it’s own copy, separate from what I installed with Homebrew? Ideally, it would be nice to a have a single copy, though I suppose if Audacity needed older or different versions, having them separate could be good.


Audacity links dynamically to FFmpeg. To do this, the version of FFmpeg has to match the FFmpeg code headers that Audacity was built with. Other versions of FFmpeg will not work with Audacity.