Using "enter" to apply changes

I’m using Audacity 2.3.2 on a 2014 Mac Air running 10.14.6 Mojave.

Since updating Audacity,I can’t hit Enter to apply changes in Effects. For example, to amplify a section of audio, I used to enter the percentage change then click Enter. Now I have to move the cursor to the window and click Apply.

How can I change this?

Works fine on my W10 laptop with 2.3.2 and my alpha test build for the upcoming 2.3.3.

I’m away from my Macbook till early next week - I’ll bookmark this page to remind me to test on Mac then.


Hi punkin,

yes, I can see this fails on 2.3.2 on Mac (I also have Mojave 10.14.6 too) and on 2.3.1.

But testing on the latest test alpha build that I have for the upcoming 2.3.3 this issue seems to have been fixed (possibly by other changes that we made for that release.

You said that this used to work on your previous version before you upgraded, can you tell me what version that was please?

I will probably log this as a (regression) bug - but one that will immediately be marked as fixed.

Thanks for the report - much appreciated.


Never mind, I had some spare time for testing - it is a regression on 2.1.3, the bug was introduced in 2.2.0 and contues though to 2.3.2.

It is however working properly again in 2.3.3 alpha - probably by some other maintenance work that we did for this amintenance release,

Logged as P1 Bug 2216 and marked RESOLVED FIXED
Mac: Cannot use Enter to effect an Effect after entering numeric data in a field


Probably fixed by fixing this bug
Mac Accessibility: if a text box is the focus, pressing enter does not press the default button

Which tests OK on Mac and on W10 - but still needs a Linux test to close it off