Using Effects in Audacity - to remove "echo"

Hey everyone I need some help. I have three mics:

  1. Logitech Desktop Microphone

  2. Logitech Headset H330

  3. Microsoft LifeCam webcam

Unfortunately, I have no knowledge of the technical term for different sound qualities.
I think the #3 sound is a bit "echo"y and I want to make it sound more like #1 or #2. (I don’t think the technical term is echo)

Any ideas on how I can do this using audacity? is it even possible?

Thanks guys, Thanks to anyone who responds in advance. :slight_smile:

Removing echo/reverb is almost impossible. If possible, use one of the Logitech mics.

Also make sure an effect in the web cam or somewhere else is not adding echo:


The Logitech Desk Microphone and the headset are both " close" microphones. They’re directional, have significant echo cancellation and a low frequency droop to help eliminate popping P sounds and room rumble. They sound tight like the communications microphones they are.

The WebCam is a much more open theatrical microphone and it sounds like it has no frequency management at all. It also is good at picking up your room – which we can assume is not a studio.

My favorite sound clip.

You can’t take room echo out of a show. She’s a terrible example, but you can’t fix that. An echo is your voice arriving at the microphone more than once. So the software has to separate you from yourself. See #1.

– The Four Horsemen of Audio Recording (reliable, time-tested ways to kill your show)
– 1. Echoes and room reverberation (Don’t record the show in your mom’s kitchen.)
– 2. Overload and Clipping (Sound that’s too loud is permanently trashed.)
– 3. Compression Damage (Never do production in MP3.)
– 4. Background Sound (Don’t leave the TV on in the next room.)