Using effects clears my entire recording!

I’m using Audacity primarily to turn a few prized records into things I can enjoy on my iPod. I digitize them using a Behringer UCA222 on the stereo, recording into Audacity, then edit them on the iMac, removing hiss and clicks, breaking up the audio into individual tracks etc.

Only recently this has been a big challenge. Using click remover flattens the ENTIRE audio track. Deletes the lot, and not just the section I highlighted. Repair does the same. Noise remover ditto. Cutting audio with the delete key or the menu command removes the section highlighted, AND a further 6 seconds or so (which appears as a flat line in the window).

I have tried reopening the files within Windows XP running within VMWare Fusion on the mac to see if it is an OS issue. It isn’t. Exactly the same problem.

Can anyone help?



OSX Snow Leopard
Core 2 Duo 3.06 gHz

Please describe exactly how you get the recorded tracks into Audacity on the iMac. Are you recording with Audacity on the iMac or another computer?

Are you sure you are using Audacity 2.0.0?

The symptoms you describe sound like what happens when you import a WAV or AIFF into Audacity with the option to “Read directly from original”

If you then move the Audacity project to another computer Audacity will lose the reference to the imported file. It will appear to be fine until you edit, then bad things will happen.

Can you play back the recorded audio before you do the edits?

– Bill

Hi Bill,

Sorry for the delay in responding. My stereo is in another room so I use Audacity on my work laptop to make the recording, and then transfer the files either using dropbox or a DVD-R. The recordings were made with a previous version of audacity. The funny thing is, I have been able to successfully edit many, many recordings following this approach in the past. And in my setup, the option you mention is not checked. I’ll check if the same is the case on the work machine tomorrow. Yes, I can play back the recorded audio before the funny stuff begins.

Over the next week, I’m going to update audacity on the work machine and try recording another test project to see if anything is different. Will report back.

Thanks for taking the time to post in such detail.