Using chains to mix audio files

Hello! Sorry for a noob question

I have a batch of files that I need to add together in pairs, so I looked around and found audacity chains.

However, I cant seem to make the chain do what I want, and then I am not sure of how to specify I need the chain to affect a pairs of files in a whole folder…

Can someone lend me a hand? Thanks in advance

Sorry but Chains can’t do that. Currently Chains can only perform batch processing on one file at a time.
I’m not sure how you could do it in any program. How would the program know which of the files to pair up? or doesn’t that matter?
What’s the job? What are you actually trying to do and why? If we can picture the task we may be able to come up with some helpful ideas.

So, I have file A and file B

I’d need to make AB with B playing 1s after A has ended.

Then i’d need to apply the same pattern to a few hundred files… I could do it by hand with audacity but I’m looking for a more…“efficient” way that would save 5 hours of repetitive work for one of my interns :stuck_out_tongue:

How are the files organized? How would the program know which of the files to pair up?
You could perhaps write a script for SoX
(joining files end to end is know as “concatenating” - that term may help if you need to Google search for how to write a script for SoX)