Using Chains through Command Line

I am trying to edit multiple audio files dynamically ,
I managed to create a chain on audacity that will get me the required results ,
The problem is i am doing this editing for a web application ,
So these changes are required to be done in the server regularly and automatically ,
My question is :
How can i apply a chain on an audio sample using the command line interface( Or any known terminal )

Audacity is not a good choice for running on a server. Some of the reasons being:

  • Very heavy dependencies - it is designed as a GUI application using wxWidgets.
  • Very little direct command line support (though passing commands through named pipes is possible)
  • Requires fast, high availability data transfer for very large amounts of data
  • Requires access to an audio device via PortAudio
  • No security hardening for using public server. Security risks are likely, (but not tested), especially if support for named pipes is enabled

Probably a better alternative would be SoX.

Thanks a lot Steve ,
I am already using SoX it is just not as effective as audacity ,
I hope someone introduces an audacity Command Line Interface soon .

As I wrote, commands may be sent to Audacity via named pipes. This currently requires building Audacity from the source code and enabling mod-script-pipe, but that makes Audacity even less suitable for running on a server that has public access due to possible security holes that it may create.