using both 2.2.2 and 2.3.1

Hi, I have a file that keeps getting saved on either version of Audactiy 2.2.2 or on the 2.3.1.

Why is it that in 2.2.2 you have the amazing ability to Ctrl P and Ctrl N which takes you to a track Previous and a track Next from current location yet…in 2.3.1 this function is not seen or useable.

I am also confused as I am in learning stages, but have to work on two different pc’s while doing a school project.

I have lost umpteen hours of editing. My Data File did not get fully moved from the PC I was working on to the USB then upon downloading to a different PC, I realized it has a newer version of Audacity.

I do not have a choice of using it on the same PC. Is there a way to save the file from any desktop with any version unto the USB in a manner that is fail safe???

Should I save the label files each time with the updates?

Any other suggestions???


In Audacity 2.2.2, “Ctrl + P” opens Preferences, and “Ctrl + N” opens a new project window. Both are the same in Audacity 2.3.1.
Full information about keyboard shortcuts are in the manual here: Commands and Keyboard Shortcut Reference - Audacity Manual

How to safely manage and move Audacity projects is described in the manual here: Managing Audacity Projects - Audacity Manual