Using Behringer UCA 202 - TOO LOUD

Audacity 2.1.1 and Windows 7
Recording levels too loud or too soft.
I’m using a Berhinger UCA 202 to interface my Technics 1700 to my laptop via usb. It’s coming in very soft. I’ve turned up the volume slide in Audacity and in the sound control in control panel. Recording is also thin.

Conversely, I’ve tried connecting the Technics through a TCC Audio Professional Moving Magnet Pre amp first, and then into the berhinger 202, and then into the PC via USB and it comes in too hot. Have to turn the slide and sound control almost to zero.

Anyone doing this? Should I replace the UCA 202 with a UFO 202?


Recording is also thin.

Thin and low volume is what the UFO202 is there to fix. It boosts the sound and removes the RIAA vinyl tonal distortion. And it provides a place to connect the little back grounding wire.

TCC Audio Professional Moving Magnet Pre amp first,

Do you have a Moving Magnet cartridge? If you mismatch here the preamp may be boosting the sound too much. I can’t remember which cartridge type needs the extra kick in volume. I don’t expect it to be completely crazy, though. I expect the UCA-202 to slide right in there.

Make sure Windows is not trying to “help you” with filters and adjustments. If Windows has a 20dB Boost, make sure it’s off. Make sure Windows Enhanced Services is turned off and make sure you find all of them.

See if this is any help in finding where all the settings are. I’m not a Windows elf.


Personally I’d replace it with the ARTcessories USB Phono Plus as that has a gain control - see

I used a n ARTcessories Preamp (DJ-Pre11) feed ing to an Edirol UA-1EX USB soundcard with excellent results. I would probably have bought the USB Phono Plus had that been available at my time of purchase.



What he said.


I’ll keep trolling Windows. No, I don’t have a MM cartridge. Is that a big deal? Great excuse to buy a new cartridge.

One of the two is lower level but higher quality. It is required the cartridge and phono-pre match. Messy things happen if they don’t.