using Audacity with Wikoo cassette USB device error 9997

I am using a MacBook Air running OS Mojave 10.14.3, and Audacity 2.3.1. I am trying to record sound digitally from old cassettes using a Wikoo “Super USB Cassette Capture” device.
I’ve followed the forum and tips links to set up my device, matching the project rate, checking the audio MIDI settings. The Mac is recognizing the sound - there are moving gray bars in the sound set up screen - but Audacity is not registering any sound. I have a plain gray screen in Audacity. No blue waves, etc. When I click “start monitoring” I get an error message 9997 - invalid sample rate.

I noticed the discussion about security settings in the Mac. In the security microphone menu, Audacity does not show up. Thank you for any help.

Im not much help, but I have gotten that error to and not sure what its from but I just quit Audacity and reopen it then it works, but then I have the error Audacity quit unexpected.

Lot’s of folks have trouble with this device. It often shows up as “PnP Audio Device” in System Preferences > Sound. It seems it might disconnect when the tape is stopped.

None of the support folks here have this device so we’re at a bit of a loss for advice on getting it to work. You could try a different USB cord.

– Bill